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I Was WonderingFor three weeks in worship at Parkway Heights, we’re answering questions submitted by the congregation in early January. We grouped lots of the questions into three major topics that will serve as a launch point for the preaching on three Sundays:

  • What Methodists Believe about Salvation (preached on January 27; you can listen here)
  • Why Suffering Exists (February 3)
  • Why Church Matters (February 10)

But, there were lots of amazing questions submitted that didn’t fit into our three-week series. So, each week, I’ll tackle a few of those questions that didn’t make it into the Sunday morning rotation here on the blog.

Today, I’ll tackle a few of the questions that will require shorter answers, and later in the week, I’ll tackle a big question (scroll to the bottom to see what it will be). Please feel free to disagree with me, ask additional questions, or start a conversation in the comments section. I’ll try to chime in as time allows this week.

So, here we go . . .


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Rearview Mirror Moments

Rearview MirrorBack in December I talked in a sermon about the importance of remembering the ratio of the windshield to rearview mirror in your car (you can listen to the entire sermon on Simeon here). The windshield is exponentially larger than a rearview mirror because you don’t drive a car in reverse. You drive forward and the car is created for you to do that. In the same way, we live our lives forward. We don’t move forward in life by constantly looking back. I passionately believe that.

But (and I said this, too) the rearview mirror serves the important purpose of giving us perspective on what is behind us. Sometimes we need to look back and remember the difficult times in life and the significant places and people who made us. We need to look back at the events that helped move us forward in life. We need rearview mirror moments.

This weekend will be a rearview mirror kind of weekend for me. A pastor friend is taking a sabbatical so I offered to preach for him one Sunday while he’s away. It just so happens that he’s at Clarksdale First United Methodist. That’s the church that hired me as a 19-year-old freshman at Ole Miss to be their summer youth director. I went on to work there for three years before heading off to seminary.

These past few weeks have been full of messages, phone calls, and emails from people I haven’t heard from in 20 years. And, it’s been amazing to remember all that God did in those three years. At Clarksdale FUMC, God confirmed my calling into full-time ministry. I experienced the grace of Jesus Christ through a Walk to Emmaus Weekend because some of the men from the church sponsored me. The youth group was full of kids that were eager and excited to grow in Christ. I took my first mission trip with those kids. And, when the car I drove became a victim of my parents divorce, the church at Clarksdale raised the money to buy me a Mercury Tracer.

The pastor I worked under at Clarksdale First was a man named Richard Hunter who taught me more about pastoring than I learned in three years at seminary.

And I still remember the occasional lunch with a 90+ year old lady named Polly Ligon who hand stitched me a picture that still has a place of honor in myLigon Cross Stitch office.

I’m looking forward to this weekend because it’s giving me abundant reason to look back–to take a glance at the rear view mirror.

We all need rearview mirror moments. They don’t need to dominate our lives. But they continue to give us perspective on life, on faith, on the goodness and faithfulness of God over time.

This week, spend some time looking in your rearview mirror. Say a prayer of thanks for the good and the bad you’ve experienced. Maybe make a call, write a letter (on paper), send an email, or just bask in the memory of where you’ve been.

And then, with joy and comfort and peace, look forward again and move into the future God has for you.

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