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I Was WonderingFor three weeks in worship at Parkway Heights, we’re answering questions submitted by the congregation in early January. We grouped lots of the questions into three major topics that will serve as a launch point for the preaching on three Sundays:

  • What Methodists Believe about Salvation (preached on January 27; you can listen here)
  • Why Suffering Exists (February 3)
  • Why Church Matters (February 10)

But, there were lots of amazing questions submitted that didn’t fit into our three-week series. So, each week, I’ll tackle a few of those questions that didn’t make it into the Sunday morning rotation here on the blog.

Today, I’ll tackle a few of the questions that will require shorter answers, and later in the week, I’ll tackle a big question (scroll to the bottom to see what it will be). Please feel free to disagree with me, ask additional questions, or start a conversation in the comments section. I’ll try to chime in as time allows this week.

So, here we go . . .



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