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Out of Step

DC Brick SidewalkMy feet moved quickly across the bricked sidewalk as I turned off East Capitol onto 4th St. heading for Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse to meet a former youth/now friend, Paul. Getting to reconnect with him was an added bonus to Great Family Spring Break Road Trip of 2015 to Washington, DC. I left the girls asleep in their beds so I could catch Paul before he headed into work. Somewhere along 4th Street I became acutely aware of my pace. My feet were moving quickly–too quickly for this 15 minute walk. There was no reason to rush; no reason to race; no reason to get there any sooner. I had plenty of time.

And yet I raced along anyway. (more…)


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This post is part of a series on making your Place a Turning Place. I’m working off two assumptions. One: that everyone ends up at dead ends in life. Two: we don’t want to stay there. I’m exploring what it takes to turn life’s ending places into turning places—places we can turn to new beginnings. I invite you to comment, disagree, ask questions, etc.

Forgiveness is the final form of love. (Reinhold Niebuhr)

The man sat in my office and spun a tale of deceit, lies, and evil underhanded actions. And they were all true. His in-laws had done terrible, miserable things to him and his wife. I was appalled. Then he asked the question:

“So, what do we do?”

Part of me wanted to say, “Go find a lawyer and get a restraining order.”

But I knew the truth. And so I told it to him: “Forgive them.”

His next question came from frustration. “Why?”


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When I was in Boy Scouts there was a weekend campout where we had sessions on becoming a better leader. The only reason I remember that is because one of the leaders cursed in his presentation. At the time (mid-1980’s) that was absolutely unheard of. He said, “Never assume.” He stopped to write ASSUME on a chalkboard. He continued, “When you assume it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’” As he spoke he broke the word ‘assume’ into ASS U ME. I’ve always remembered that and have tried not to assume much in life.

But today, I’m going to break that rule and make a couple of assumptions. About you.


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Six years ago I shut down a blog I had labored at for several years. Though I enjoyed it (at moments), eventually job and family responsibilities overwhelmed my interest in the blog and after months of non-posting guilt I put the blog out of its misery.


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